Lifestyle and Trace Investigations

Brady and Co provide in depth lifestyle and trace investigations for clients. Our merger with Hibernian Legal has brought an experienced team into the group and a national network of investigators.

Our tracing department have years’ experience of working with public records and have handled cases with high profile subjects with complete discretion. We are proud to be a provider of lifestyle and trace investigation services to the major financial institutions in Ireland.

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Tracing and Lifestyle

Trace Enquiries

We provide a tracing service to locate and confirm up to date residential addresses for individuals. We carry out these enquiries both in cases where a subject is evading service or where they have simply moved address.

Our trained and experienced investigators, use a combination of tracing techniques to find the most difficult of cases including; in house database tracing, filter tracing, online tracing and telephone enquiries. We also have a network of agents across the country who will personally visit each and every potential address and provide up to date information and photographic evidence. We will tailor our searches to suit the complexity of the case any budget requirements.

We regularly carry out the following trace services:

Debtor Tracing

To find individuals who have unpaid debts, either from financial arrears, unpaid invoices, unpaid rent. We also have a network of serving agents.

Legal Tracing

Looking for a witness or a plaintiff, we can track them down and serve them papers if necessary.

Probate Tracing

Many of the large firms of solicitors use us to track down beneficiaries of a deceased clients will.

Pensions Tracing

Looking for members of a pension fund who have moved from last known address. We can either take these on a case by case basis. Or on a contract.

Family Tracing

Looking for a long-lost family member or friend. Contact us today and we will provide an estimated cost and time to locate them.

Lifestyle, asset and due diligence reports

We have considerable multi-jurisdiction experience identifying and tracing assets held by individuals and corporates. Our lifestyle reports are designed to compile as much information as possible about an individual or company regarding their current assets and liabilities. We will also provide an analysis of findings against information provided by subject e.g. Statements of Affairs. Our detailed reports can be relied on for proceedings in the District, Circuit and High Courts.

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Our Team are experienced in investigating:-

Property Searches

Irish & offshore property ownership

Corporate Searches

Directorships and other business holdings

Asset Searches

Assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities

Judgement Bankruptcy & Insolvency Register searches

Search for any registered judgment, bankruptcy notifications and insolvency arrangements

High Court Office Searches

To establish any ongoing litigation, involving an individual as either plaintiff or defendant.

Lifestyle Searches

the on the ground situation to establish the lifestyle of an individual

Our reports can be tailored to suit a budget and can include recommendations in Lifestyle & Asset cases.

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