Title and Land Registry Searches

Title information enquiries and Land Registry mapping searches are a Brady and Co speciality. Our professionally trained staff attends daily at all the registries of the PRAI allowing us to deal quickly with even the most complex and demanding search requisitions.

Whether you are looking for an urgent set of closing searches or for information to trace a complicated chain of title, you need look no further than Brady & Co.

We attend in person at the following repositories:

  • Land Registry (Dublin and Waterford offices)
  • Registry of Deeds
  • High Court Central Office
  • Judgments Office
  • Bankruptcy Office
  • Companies Registration Office
  • Planning Authority Searches
  • Probate Office
  • National Archives - including Land Commission records
  • Valuation Office
  • Building Control Authority (including Fire Certificate) searches

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Title Searches


Can you find ownership of an unregistered title (Registry of Deeds)?

There is only a Names Index available (no maps), an index of the persons who disposed of an interest in property either by way of conveyance, mortgage, lease etc. We provide a search service of this index under the grantor’s name to find the relevant reference number of the Memorial/ROD Application Form, the Transcript Book and the Abstract Book. We will consult these records to obtain the main details of the deed.

The Names Index is available electronically for the period from 1970 to date. For records of deeds prior to 1970 we can search the manual Names Index Records.

Is it possible to search the Registry of Deeds without a name?

We offer searches at the Valuation Office which will establish changes in occupiers or immediate lessors. This can yield registration of a deed to establish a link in the chain of successive ownership of an unregistered interest so as to trace to the present ownership. However, there is no guarantee that such searches will always yield a positive result.