Probate Services

Probate Office Application, our clerks are well trained and versed in the finer details of Probate. Our clerks will carefully assess your application before submitting it to the Probate Seat Office to ensure that everything is in order before lodging the papers.

In the event that the application is queried from the Seat Office, our clerks will endeavour to deal with all possible queries they can before re lodging the application. Should future documentation need to be submitted or amended and re sworn, our clerks endeavour to explain the query and the process of addressing it in the easiest way possible, to ensure a quick and smooth re application process.

Probate Services

Seat Office Applications, our clerks can take the stress out of waiting for your application to be accessed and upon lodgement will provide a rough estimate of when your application will be processed.

Our clerks can conduct Probate Searches, Obtain copy Grants, Wills and more in the General Probate Office and lodge Motions, Applications and Caveats with the Probate Rules Office on your behalf. Our clerks liaise with Probate Officials from the Seat Office to Registrars on a Weekly basis and can advise on many aspects of Probate should the need arise.

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What documents are required for lodging applications in the Seat Office?

1. Copy Oath - Two copy Oaths of Executor / Administrator/ Administrator with Will Annexed required. No need to lodge more than one copy.

2. Check list for Documents being filed (before sending them up to be assessed)

Probate Administration (Intestate) Administration with Will Annexed
Query Sheet (If previously assessed)
Death Cert Will/Codicil
Probate Engrossment
Oath of Executor
Oath of Administrator
Copy Oath (+ Two Copies)
Renunciation/Other Affidavits
CA 24 x2 with Copy Will Loosely attached
Administration Bond
Current Market Valuation/Affidavit
CA 24 x2
Any other necessary papers (Letters etc.)

A Checklist for Individual Documents when Lodging a Seat Office Application

Original Will - The Original Will should be free off any marks or tears. Should a mark or a tear have occurred to the document AFTER the deceased had sworn it, an Affidavit of Attesting Witness must be sworn and lodge in conjunction with the application to address the marks or tears.

Oath - The Gross Value of the Estate on the Oath must match the Value on the Inland Revenue Affidavits (CA24). The Oath must state the executor and the deceased full name and address plus their title (i.e are they a teacher, farmer etc). The Oath must state the relationship the applicant (executor etc.) is to the deceased. This must also be sworn and have a jurat like an Affidavit.

Bond - The Bond follows the same basic principles as the Oath (i.e. Titles, Names and Addresses etc.) This must also be sworn and have a jurat like an Affidavit.

CA24 - The CA24 should be checked and rechecked to ensure that each and every question has been addressed and answered. PPS Numbers of Individuals need to be added at all times. Females applying with the old PPSN of their partners with the "W" for Wife at the end of it will not be accepted. You must apply for this persons individual PPSN and then add to the papers. The figures for the estate must match that of the Oath.

Death Cert - The Original Death certifcate is required. Check the Death cert for the cause of Death - If cause of Death is some sort of Mental Illness and it pre-dates when the Will was sworn, then the Will can be challenged and an Affidavit of Testamentary Capacity must be sworn and accompany the application. Make sure that the place of death matches the Oath.

Affidavit of Attesting Witness - An Affidavit of Attesting Witness is required when a mark or rip has occurred on an Original Will. The Affidavit must address where the rip/mark is, when it happened and why it happened. This is to ensure that no one has tampered with the Will after same has been sworn.

Affidavit of Testamentary Capacity - If the deceased suffered from any form of Mental Illness, it appears on the Death Certificate and it predates the swearing of the Will. An Affidavit of Testamentary Capacity must be submitted with the application. The Affidavit must be sworn by the treating Doctor of the deceased whilst they were diagnosed with the Mental Illness.

Renunciation - If one or more beneficiaries have renounced their claim in the estate of the deceased. Proof of the said renunciation must be submitted with the application.

Current Market Valuation - The Current Market Valuation must be from an Auctioneer themselves and not an Auctioneers Assistant or Secretary. The must also be clearly identified as an auctioneer on the valuation. The Valuation must be from within six months of when the application is lodged. Any older than six months and it is not valid.

Charitable Request Form - If the deceased wishes to give a charitable donation to an organisation or an individual (i.e. a Priest or Nun), then a Charitable Request Form is required with the application for each Donation that wishes to be made by the deceased.

*If all of the above are not adhered to, it will mean a resubmit fee of €40 will be added to your application by the Probate Office*