Litigation Services

Save time on court attendances and administration with our litigation support services.

Our agency services are delivered in a cost effective manner by highly trained and qualified staff. We are experienced in dealing with urgent matters and cases of a sensitive nature. It is our policy to complete instructions within a 24 hour period, where possible.

Our staff is always on hand to deal with problems as they arise and are contactable during the day by mobile phone and email. Prior to presentation of documents to court offices, our legal executives examine each case in detail to ensure that any issues or delays may be addressed promptly.

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We are registered with the Private Security Authority, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and carry Professional Indemnity cover of €10 million.

Court Attendance

Our experienced team provide a full range of court attendance services at the courts in Ireland including;

  • Attend counsel and make contact before proceedings
  • Make consent applications for adjournments, hearing dates & orders
  • Provide complete reports after proceedings
  • Provide detailed watching briefs
  • Inspect papers thoroughly in advance of attendance to ensure everything is in order.

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We offer a complete legal document filing service; we can stamp, issue, file and collect documents on our clients behalf at very competitive rates.

Our process includes a thorough document check before presentation to the court’ offices. All filed documents will be immediately sent to the client. Filed / issued documents can be served on request.

Our clerks attend at the following offices:

  • District Court (Civil, Family, Licensing & Criminal)
  • Circuit Court (Civil, Family & Criminal)
  • High Court (Civil, Family, Criminal, Probate, Wards of Court, Examiner’s Office & Taxing Master’s Office)
  • Supreme Court
  • General Solicitors Office
  • The Rights Commissioner
  • The Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Offices of the DPP
  • Offices of the Chief State Solicitor
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Foreign Affairs

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We draft and submit for your approval the following:

  • Appearances
  • Subpoenas
  • Notice to Produce
  • Notice of Change of Solicitor
  • Notice of Intention to Proceed
  • Notice of Trial
  • Setting Down Dockets
  • Affidavits of Service

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Service of Documents

We have a network of experienced summons servers across Ireland and internationally and are able to handle urgent and sensitive cases. We provide both affidavits of service or affidavits of Non-Service drafted, sworn and filed. Our network of agents can also provide trace enquiries where necessary.

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Customer Service

  • Our team is always available to help
  • All members of the litigation team are responsive to contact via mobile & email
  • We maintain excellent relationships with the Courts Service staff
  • We will provide all our clients with regular updates detailing:
    • Court Location
    • Hearing dates
    • Tracker Diary of call over dates
    • Changes to practices and procedures

"It is our ethos to provide our clients with peace of mind, in the knowledge their instructions are being handled by us in a professional, efficient and smart manner. My team understands they are a representative of our client when filing documents or attending court.

Business today is fast paced and often hectic. We know and understand this, we will always keep you updated and informed, so that you can entrust a task to us and focus on other work at hand. We will always welcome feedback and like to work closely with our clients to tailor a service that suits their firm’s requirements".

Barry Brady

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