Closing Searches

Brady and co are renowned for their fast and efficient delivery of closing searches and title searches. Our staff attend the PRAI registries on a daily basis allowing us to complete search requisitions on the same day if received before 3pm.

We attend in person at the following repositories:

  • Land Registry (Dublin and Waterford offices)
  • Registry of Deeds
  • High Court Central Office
  • Judgments Office
  • Bankruptcy Office
  • Companies Registration Office
  • Planning Authority Searches
  • Probate Office
  • National Archives - including Land Commission records
  • Valuation Office
  • Building Control Authority (including Fire Certificate) searches

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Closing Searches


What is a closing/completion search?

On the date of completion the buyer's solicitor will instruct a search agent to carry out a land registry or registry of deeds search to ascertain whether there are any restrictions on title such as outstanding mortgages or rights of residence

Company search (with the Companies Registration office) in the case of company purchases;

What is a judgement search?

A search at the Central Office of the High Court to discover

  1. 1. Records of litigation ( lis pendens) affecting a property.
  2. 2. Debts owed by the vendor which do not affect the property directly, but could indicate the debt having been converted into a ' judgement mortgage' registered against the property;
  3. 3. a bankruptcy search (if the vendor is bankrupt, the property will be held by an Official Assignee who cannot transfer good title);
What is a sheriff and revenue sheriff search?

If the property is a leasehold property, this search will disclose any debts owed by the vendor.